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Sir Graeme Brady, head of the Conservative Party leadership committee, has confirmed that Rishi Sunak will be the party’s next leader and prime minister.

Rishi Sunak won the Tory leadership race when centrist politician Penny Mordant withdrew from the race. Sunak is the youngest Prime Minister of Britain in 200 years. Sunak is a Hindu and 42 years old.

Rishi Sunak, the former finance minister of the UK, has become the new head of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party. As a result, he is now the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He will officially take office on Tuesday. He promised the country’s stability and unity in a speech after getting the leadership.

Last Monday, he said that the United Kingdom is a great country. But there is no doubt that they are facing severe economic challenges. They need unity and stability at first. That is why he will prioritize uniting the party and the country.

Sunak will attend the Cabinet meeting on October 25th. Then He will be called upon by King Charles to form a government and eventually head to 10 Downing Street.

 Joe Biden, the President of the US, has congratulated Rishi Sunak in advance. The White House press secretary said that US President Joe Biden would speak to Mr. Rishi Sunak on the phone and congratulate him soon.

Sunak lost the leadership election after Boris Johnson was forced to resign as prime minister, and then Liz Truss was elected. But she was also forced to resign last week after just a month and a half in power.


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