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Hijab Issue In Iran: At Least 200 Dead The European Union Fixed The Price Of Russian Oil At 60 Dollars

A US court sentenced Alison Fluke Ekren to 20 years in prison for leading and training women of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in Syria. The accused is 42 years old. She has been accused of carrying out terrorist activities in Iraq, Syria, and Libya for eight years.

Allison admitted to training hundreds of women. Among them are children under ten years of age. Allison pleaded guilty in a US court last June 2022. Last Tuesday, a US court ruled. Defense lawyers pleaded for a reduced sentence, saying he was “traumatized” by the war in Syria. Defendant Allison is a resident of Kansas, in the Midwestern United States. She is a teacher by profession. Before going to Syria, she got involved with a terrorist group in Libya.

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