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Cambodia Casino Fire Kills 19 4 Killed By Security Forces In Kashmir

The Ukrainian army has taken control of the Russian occupied Kherson city. President Zelensky has announced that the important city is now in their hands.

The US also commented that the ally had achieved an extraordinary victory. There was great jubilation among the locals after

the news of the recapture of Kherson. People are shouting slogans praising Ukraine and the army.

National flags were seen in most of the people’s hand. After the withdrawal of the Russian army, the Ukrainian army entered Kherson and they took over the entire city. Last Wednesday, Russian Defense Minister ordered their troops to leave the

western bank of Kherson city.

Analysts told Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson to be Moscow’s biggest failure in the ongoing war. Though all troops have been withdrawn from Kherson, the Kremlin has commented that the city belongs to Russia. The office of President Vladimir Putin says the region’s status will not change and the city will remain part of them.

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