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The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for a long time and both countries have been retaliating against each other. A missile hit Poland, an Eastern European country.

Russia is being blamed for the explosion of the Russian-made missile. However, US President Joe Biden said that the missile that exploded in Poland may not have been launched from Russia.

A missile hit the Eastern European country of Poland on Wednesday morning local time. Poland claims it is a Russian-made missile. Two people were killed in the missile attack, and the United States and its NATO allies launched an investigation into the blast.

Besides, considering the situation, US President Joe Biden sat in an emergency meeting with world leaders. He said, preliminary information suggests that the missile that hit Poland may not have been launched from Russia.

President Joe Biden and other world leaders are currently staying in Bali, Indonesia, on the occasion of the Group of Twenty or G20 summit, one of the largest international groups in the world. Biden held an emergency meeting with world leaders to discuss the situation after the deadly explosion in Poland on Wednesday morning.

The United States and NATO countries will fully investigate about the matter before taking any kind of action or response, Biden told. Meanwhile, the White House said Biden called the meeting urgently after two people were killed in a missile explosion in the village of Przewodo in eastern Poland, near the border with Ukraine.

The missile attack on Poland, a member of NATO, the world’s largest military alliance, has raised tensions. Because according to Article 5 of NATO – an attack on any country of the alliance means an attack on the entire alliance. After the missile fell, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called an emergency meeting. Besides, the G-7 alliance and the United Nations have also called a meeting.  However, Poland has informed that they do not consider the missile launch as a “Russian attack on Poland” at this time.




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