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Cambodia Casino Fire Kills 19 4 Killed By Security Forces In Kashmir

Insurgent groups have clashed extensively with the Myanmar junta forces and their allies. People’s Defense Forces ‘PDF’ claims at least 67 soldiers killed in four days of fighting in Sagaing state.

On the contrary, SNA, an ally of the military government, claimed that more than 60 rebels were injured.

Meanwhile, the country’s National Unity Government has called on the junta government to exert more pressure to release all political prisoners.

Japanese film director Taru Kubta arrived in Tokyo after being released from Myanmar prison on Friday (November 18). Because of this, the National Unity Government of Myanmar has demanded the release of all political prisoners in the country’s prisons.

They also called for increased pressure on the junta government. Earlier this week, the junta government released 6,000 prisoners, including four foreigners. Meanwhile, clashes between rebel fighters and junta forces continue in various states of Myanmar. According to the country’s media Irrawaddy, the rebel groups have clashed with the military and their allies, known as the Shani Army, in the northern Sagaing state. The People’s Defense Forces or PDF claimed that many soldiers and their allies were injured.

In another report, the media reported that at least 33 soldiers were killed in insurgent attacks in other states except Sagaing in the last three days. On the contrary, two rebels were reported to have been killed.

Rebel groups have been vocal against the junta since Myanmar seized power in 2021 after overthrowing a democratic government. To suppress them, the Junta forces are also conducting raids in different states of the country.


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