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Cambodia Casino Fire Kills 19 4 Killed By Security Forces In Kashmir

Malaysia’s veteran politician Mahathir Mohamad surprised everyone by announcing that he would stand for election at the age of 97. Losing that vote today, he shocked all of Malaysia even more.

Mahathir Mohamad, who has taken Malaysia to unique heights after being in power for 22 consecutive years. This living legend in the country’s politics lost at the end of his life. Mahathir ran for the Langkawi constituency in the country’s general election. However, after the results were published, it was seen that this former prime minister received only 4500 votes. He lost his security.

Pejuang Tanah Air (Pejuang) Party President Mahathir came fourth with 4,566 votes. Periktan National Party’s Mohammad Suhaimi Abdullah won with 25,463 votes.

In addition, Barisan Nasional’s Armishah Siraj came second with 11,945 votes and Pakatan Harapan’s Zabidi Yahya came third with 5,417 votes.

Pakatan candidate Jabidi Yahya and independent candidate Abd Qadir Sainuddin lost their collateral with Mahathir in this seat.

Mahathir was defeated once again in his long political career. In 1969, Mahathir lost the then Kota Setar parliamentary seat.


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