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Cambodia Casino Fire Kills 19 4 Killed By Security Forces In Kashmir

A car bomb exploded outside police housing in Thailand on Tuesday, killing one person and wounding more than two dozen people. The provincial governor said this. The attack took place in the southern province of Narathiwa.

Since 2004, a local military conflict has raged in the south of Thailand. More than 7 thousand people have been killed till now . They are fighting for greater autonomy in the Muslim-majority region.

Narathiwat Governor Sanan Pongaksorn said a suspect drove the car to the front of the police residence before abandoning it. A bomb exploded shortly after the car was parked there.

The governor said police are examining security camera footage to identify the suspect and investigating possible motives. One person was killed and 28 injured in that explosion. The condition of two of them is critical.


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