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Cambodia Casino Fire Kills 19 4 Killed By Security Forces In Kashmir

Protests against the government’s strict Covid restrictions are intensifying in China. Many are openly angry with the leaders of the ruling Communist Party.

Thousands of people protested in Shanghai on Saturday night demanding the resignation of President Xi Jinping and the Communist Party. Many of them were seen being picked up in police cars.

Protesters in Shanghai chanted “Xi Jinping step down” and “Communist Party step down” demanding the president’s resignation. Many of them had blank white banners in their hands. Many again paid their respects to the victims in Urumchi town by lighting candles and offering flowers.

10 people were killed in a fire in a building in Urumachi recently. Covid restrictions are being blamed for them being trapped in buildings. However, the Chinese authorities denied this allegation. But they apologized for the accident on Friday.

But there were still protests in the northwestern city of Urumqi. Students also protested at universities in the capital Beijing and Nanjing.

Such public protests against Xi Jinping and the Communist Party in general are rare in China. Because, according to the country’s law, any direct criticism of the government can result in severe punishment.


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