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Protests against restrictions for corona virus in China have spread further. The protesters are giving slogans saying that, “They want freedom, and they do not want a ruler for life”.

Police clashed with protesters in Shanghai, the country’s most populous city, on Sunday night – According to Reuters news.

The protest is increasing against the ‘zero corona policy’ taken by Chinese President Xi Jinping. 10 people died last Thursday in a fire in the city of Urumqi in the Xinjiang province of the country.

‘Zero Corona Policy’ are being blamed for trapping residents in buildings and hampering the rescue operations. For this incident, the angry crowd of Urumqi came on streets. They demanded to withdraw the lockdown. Protests have already spread to major cities in China. Students also gathered for protests at various university campuses across China.

“I love the country,” said Shan Xiao, a protester in Shanghai. This is why I came here. But I don’t like the government. I want to move freely, but I can’t. Our corona policy is a game. This policy is not based on science or reality.

“We don’t want masks, we want freedom,” chanted slogans from a group of protesters, “We don’t want corona tests, we want freedom.” Hundreds of protesters gathered in the streets of Shanghai by yesterday evening. Police tried to disperse the protesters. At that time, there was a scuffle between the two sides.

One of the witnesses said that some of the protesters were picked up by the police in a bus. The bus then drove through the crowd of protesters. “We just want our basic human rights,” said a 26-year-old protester in Shanghai. We can’t leave our house without testing. Accidents in Xinjiang have forced people to take to the streets.

On condition of anonymity, this protester said, ‘Those who came here are not violent. But the police are arresting them without any reason. They tried to catch me. But the people around me held my hand tightly. They dragged me backwards so I managed to escape.

Reuters reports that a large number of protesters gathered in the city of Chengdu yesterday, according to a video circulating on social media. They were chanting anti-government slogans. They were saying, ‘We don’t want a lifetime ruler. We don’t want an emperor.’

According to the Reuters report, most of the corona regulations have been withdrawn in most countries of the world. But China is an exception. The country still maintains the ‘Zero Corona Policy’.

On Saturday about 40,000 new people have been infected in China only. In such a situation, a new lockdown has been given in some cities of the China.


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