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Cambodia Casino Fire Kills 19 4 Killed By Security Forces In Kashmir

An Iranian court sentenced five people to death for killing a member of the paramilitary force during a protest over the hijab issue.

Thirteen men and three minors were charged in the case. All of them have been sentenced.

Masood Setaishi, spokesperson of the Department of Justice, said that the soldier named Ruhullah Azamia died on November 3. A group of 16 people surrounded him. He was killed by their stones and knives. The accused can apply for reconsideration of their sentence if they wish. On September 16, a young woman named Mahsa was died in the custody of the Iranian police. Since then, violent protests have started across the country. Hadis Najafi another young woman died during the protest on September 21. Relatives protested Najafi’s death in November. At this time the protestors attacked Azamia.


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